Monday, August 13, 2012

God Keeps Taking Care of US

You know, when I was younger (much younger), I didn't really see God in everyday life.  Maybe, possibly, I didn't choose to.  Or maybe, possibly, I just overlooked it and saw something else.  Honestly, it wasn't until nearly 4 1/2 years ago, that I really REALLY saw his works.  Sometimes, you just need a smack upside the head for you to accept that it truly is a greater power that answers your prayers.

This glorious smack has happened more than a few times since Nate was born and since the tragic day he got sick.  No matter how horrible that time was, how incredibly unfair it was for our perfectly healthy baby boy could be ripped from our lives and replaced by a baby I had no idea how to care for or even know to love, I can look back now and see that we were given a path that is NOT paved, NOT easy, NOT visible from the main road....

I would NEVER choose another path.

Nate was delivered to us, in a way that seems so harsh, but has been so amazing at every turn.  We are blessed with the most perfect Nathan Matthew that could be.  He's a happy boy, you can tell he knows how very much he is loved by his family.  He lights up at just the right moments to make your day better.  He's funny in his little way, that is typically narrated by us to tell a story.  He's so strong, without even having to try.  The little milestones that seem so small for a regular kiddo, are HUGE moments that make me cry.  To see the moment when he looks right at me and I know he knows I'm his biggest fan.  He is a shining light that we are so lucky to share with the world, and I couldn't be prouder that God chose us to be Nate's mommy and daddy.

Let's get back to this "smack" I started talking about.

I had a new client call me last week to set up an appointment, I scheduled her for a trim today.  When she arrived, she graciously informed me that she was NOT there for a haircut.  This woman told me that she had bacterial meningitis 5 years ago, and lost both of her legs due to the sickness.  She could not afford the prosthetic legs, so her wonderful friends and family held a fundraiser in the form of a 1 mile or 5K walk called "Maggi's Walk".  They raised enough money to get her legs, but have kept up the non-profit organization to raise awareness of meningitis and support the victims.  She told me she saw our story in the Her Life magazine from January and knew she wanted to help us.  So, here she stood in front of me offering any financial help she could for us because of the "pay it forward" opportunity she saw in her own circumstances.  We just purchased a "Kid Walk" for Nate and the out of pocket expense was not something we could afford without making payments for a while.  This woman told us she would love to take care of it.

BAM!!!!  THAT is the smack.... smack DOWN!

It's moments like these that I can't help but giggle at how obvious God is in our lives!  Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who never get to see it.  But he did it!  He answered our question about how we were going to pay for this kid walk.  He did it back in December when we were willing and ready to go into debt to make our house handicapped accessible for our little Nate who was only getting bigger, then BAM!!! Our dilemma was taken care of by my beautiful friends at Double Take with the charity they did to benefit US!  Even our very first fundraiser, he led the way for our family and friends to organize Nate Day at the Race Track!  I have no idea where we would be without all the incredible support we are so blessed to have in our lives!  Everything we have done, we would have done regardless of if we could afford it or not, but God helped us out.

I honestly believe everything happens for a reason, for Maggi, her tragic story has a happy ending... she gets to help out those who need it just like she did.  I hope that we are led to a place where we get to help as well, and for once NOT be the one's who need the help.  I am conscious of that, and I make sure that anytime I feel strongly to contribute to a cause in any way, I do SOMETHING. Even if it's not much, every little bit makes a difference and maybe the difference isn't noticed by others.  Maybe you are the only one who sees it, but it's there.

My advice is to see those moments when you are being lifted up, as not just luck.  Not just circumstance.  But it is SOMEONE taking care of you.

For more info on "Maggi's Walk" go to

The Walk this year is Sept 8 in Prairie Village, KS.  I will be there with my lovely family and I invite everyone I've ever known to come and participate too for a cause that is very close to my heart!!!

Love, Carolyn

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