Friday, July 6, 2012

Pay it forward

I believe that human beings by nature are meant to do great things.  It is by choice that some choose otherwise, but it's proven that we are meant for good by our children.  They don't ask, they just love.  Pure, unconditional, hypnotizing love.

One of the greatest moments I have ever witnessed this fact, was when my lil Nater Tot got sick 4 years ago.  The out pouring of generosity we were in the middle of was overwhelming, and awe inspiring and felt completely undeserved.  People came and gave us their time, their prayers, donated flowers and dinners... I still can't believe people thought so much of us to do all that.  Then, my beautiful sister in law made some home made T-shirts with a simple paw print and stenciled "TEAM NATE DOG" on them.  Suddenly, everyone who saw them wanted one.  Our loved ones saw this as an opportunity to help us with our medical expenses, our financial burdens due to loss of work... our future with our new Nate.

Since then, I still have witnessed this fact in the amazing charity my salon organized to help make our home handicap accessible for Nate.  Again, I was shocked and wondrous at the love of giving that helped us in our time of need.

Because of our life situation and the constant support given to our family by loved ones, acquaintances, and even strangers, I've known that "paying it forward" is the ONLY way to be when it comes to helping others.

My friend Carolyn Macan has a little boy who has struggled since birth.  Bo and his sister, Brooklyn, were born 10 weeks early.  They spent quite some time in the NICU.  Bo is meant for great things, but the little guy has had issue after issue medically.  In December of 2011, Bo's family finally received a diagnosis for him of  IPEX. A rare genentic disorder that causes diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, thyroid problems, IGA deficiency, chronic diarrhea ( click on reviews then search IPEX). NOW, Bo needs a bone marrow transplant and of course, the surgery would be far from home in Cincinnati.

My dear friend is just like you or me, and like most people isn't rolling in the dough... so this trip and surgery will be financially back breaking.  BUT, just like you or me, that won't stop her from taking care of her baby.  However, there's the beginning of the fundraising efforts to help pay for the trip.  And I couldn't be happier to help do my part in sharing these efforts!  We all do what we can, which may not be a lot, but ANY little bit helps.

And also, starting today, there are TSHIRTS!!!!  I feel so nostalgic and I want to burst with happiness to get the word out about all this!

All sizes are available for $20 a piece!  I can't wait to get mine and outfit my whole family to show support!  Please, please, please, even if you don't know my friend.... know her story, relate it to your own and help!


Follow their journey, and fall in love...


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  1. You are one amazing lady!! I can't even put it in to words how grateful I am to have you in my life!! Thank you for this, thank you for everything you inspire me every single day!! Love you!!!