Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weather Guesser Guy

Yesterday, our local morning meteorologist was missing from the morning show.  So, of course, I checked Face book and came to find out Mr. Don Harmon was dead.  At the time, nothing was being posted about what happened.  Apparently, news DID get out that he had committed suicide.  But, the family didn't want news getting out to other members of the family, particularly Don's father, through the social media.

It's amazing to me, when something like this happens, that people are so fascinated by the details surrounding the situation.  I'm not saying I'm not one of them.  It's human nature to be curious.  Although, what bothered me about this yesterday, was the rumors I heard.  Whether truth or not, it seems everyone grasps on to the first thing they hear and then relays it to others.  Is it because people are needing closure?  Is it because if people don't understand something they make up their own conclusions?

This is a bit unrelated, but when little Lisa Irwin went missing, this sort of thing happened as well. That bothered me too.  No one knows what happened exactly, but yet everyone had something to say.  Who are WE to judge?  And who are WE to spread our opinions regarding a situation that we don't have any business being in the middle of?  The truth will NEVER be ours to judge.

Don Harmon struggled with depression... that came STRAIGHT from his family.  However, everyone seems to want to know WHY?  Did something happen to make him depressed?  Was he struggling with an addiction?  Had he ALWAYS been fighting depression?  Again, WE the public do not know this.  Yet we hear a rumor and then we feed off it.  This poor family now has to live outside the gossip bubble... with ear plugs.  If they listen to the rumors, they wish they hadn't.  If they don't listen, they never have a chance to set any record straight.

I watched a short video of the morning show talking about the tragedy of Don's worldly departure.  I cried my eyes out.  I felt like I was reliving the tragedy of my friends suicide 8 years ago.  I pray that Don's friends and family make it through the grief train and can look back without tears or regret years from now.  I still have much regret for what happened with Jessica and I don't wish that on anyone.  I know many people have had to deal with a loved one "taking their own life".  I remember pondering on that particular quote and being somewhat angry.  They didn't take their OWN life.  They took their loved one's lives and threw it in the garbage disposal.  I know, that mentally they didn't see that. But that's what they did.  When someone gets cancer and dies, their family can be mad at the cancer or maybe they're mad at God.  If someone dies in a tragic car accident, they channel their anger at the other driver or the car itself, or maybe they're mad at God.  If someone is maliciously murdered, their family is angry at the murderer... or maybe... they're mad at God.

When someone kills themselves... who are you mad at?


And then.... who else do you blame?


It really IS out of our control.

I will pray for Don's friends and family and I will not listen to rumors about it.  I choose to be on the family's side.

Good bye "weather guesser guy"...

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  1. Dear Carolyn,
    I was saddened to hear of Don's suicide. As you and I know too well, depressed people are quite good actors. Their smiles camouflage the battle they are fighting within.

    The person fights the battle against the disease and it is heartbreaking when depression wins. It's like a little voice inside of them says that everything will be better in death. It convinces them that their friends and family will be better off without them. And, unfortunately, many depressed people listen to that voice and end their lives.

    And, so we are left to go on without them; our lives forever changed. An emptiness in our heart that can never be filled.

    The pain comes again when we hear of another wonderful person who loses the fight.

    I love you, Carolyn! Thank you for keeping Jessica's spirit alive.